The star of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Trading Spaces, Ty Pennington, shares his life story - lessons he’s learned while serving others, random acts of kindness, battling ADHD in a busy career, and anecdotes from behind the scenes of America’s favorite home shows.

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As a kid, Ty Pennington had too much energy. He was chaotic, bouncing off the walls, and on a first-name basis with the local emergency room staff. Back then there wasn't public awareness of attention deficit disorder yet. People just thought Ty was rambunctious. A trouble maker. What do you do with a kid who just can't sit still? Who can't focus?

But Ty discovered something amazing when he was just a boy: he felt focused when he was building something. He discovered that he loved to work with his hands - to use tools and be creative. He loved to try new things, build and design new things.

In Life to the Extreme Ty shares his remarkable life story. In his characteristic humorous style, he takes you racing through his life with ADHD-infused diversions that will make you laugh out loud. He shares about how he was diagnosed with ADHD in college, and what it has meant to be an advocate for ADHD awareness. He shares about his start as a model and carpenter, and his eventual move to television where he starred in the hit shows Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Trading Spaces.

Life to the Extreme will inspire you. Ty's boundless energy and his sense of humor are infectious. You'll laugh. You might cry a little. And you'll definitely be inspired to change the lives of those around you.



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Design television was never the same once we were introduced to the quirky and creative Ty Pennington. The groundbreaking home improvement series Trading Spaces has returned after a 10 year hiatus, giving us a chance to get reacquainted with Ty as a carpenter, and now designer.

Pennington’s previous books, How Good Design Can Change Your Life (Simon & Schuster) and Ty’s Tricks (Hyperion) have shared inspiration, advice, and tips from his career, including behind-the-scenes from Ty's own home, which he completely remodeled himself.

Pennington has been recognized as a leader in the field of volunteerism for his work on Extreme Makeover and Ty’s Great British Adventure. He has also served as ambassador for the Sears American Dream campaign.

Ask Ty what makes him tick and he’ll say, “It’s about the joy of doing things for others. what we do is about family, about America and adding in these random acts of kindness can restore your faith in people.”

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